This is a Rant

I will get there. Where? I don’t know. I’m not sure where exactly I want to be, but I know I want to be there. Am I looking for fame or millions of followers? No…well maybe. I don’t know. Fame seems painful, and having a bunch of people reading every word you write seems worse.

So much pressure. And I don’t like pressure. But…pressure is good right?

All my life, I’ve been living in a shadow. Not one made by a super-talented older sibling with an ego the size of Texas, but one made by my own self-doubt.

I’ll tell you a secret.

I hate failing. I hate failure.

It. Terrifies. Me.

But how am I going to get anywhere if I don’t try and fail? Maybe I should do a bunch of things I know I’m not good at so I can get used to failure.

But I don’t want to get used to failure! I want to get used to success!

Does anyone see my problem? Well maybe not. This blog has zero followers. That’s a failure right there.

I’m not good at sports. Or anything to do with physical activity beyond dancing in my room. There’s another failure.

I terrible and horrible at spelling. Ha! That’s probably one of my favorite failures right there.

I’m not good at expressing my feelings.

I judge too quickly.

I don’t think before I talk.

Sometimes I don’t talk at all.

Sometimes I talk too much.

I’m afraid of heights.

I start writing stores but never finish them.

I’ve taken people for granted.

I get attached to people too quickly, but I don’t get over them as fast.

The first and only time I’ve made a cake by myself it….failed.

Oh but guess what.

I won an award for a play I wrote in the fifth grade.

I am so good at heating up frozen pizza in the oven, you won’t even believe it.

I love people.

I stop judging once I realize I am judging.

God gave me the strength to get over my problems.

I was surprisingly good at basketball during summer P.E. of my freshman year.

My family still loves me.

I have friends. They love me too I hope.

God loves me!

I’ve made people cry from happiness when I sang to them.

I somehow got over my fear of stage freight because I loved performing more than I was afraid to perform!

I summoned up the courage to make this blog!

Today, I assembled a chair by myself!

 Look at it all assembled and stuff!

So come to think of it, I’ve failed so many times in my life. And I’m going to fail more. But each failure is just preparing me for success. And yeah that’s pretty cheesy to say, but I don’t care. I am done caring! Caring can only get me so far.

So I am going to write what I want. And I don’t care if one or one million people see it.

So hi hello welcome to believe and see blog. You better get yourself a comfy seat and some popcorn cause the movie’s about to start.

Peace. #believeandseeblogout

Oh, and if you’re reading this, thank you….and here’s a potato!

Image result for cute potatoThat potato believes in you, man!

Love From Me,

Believe and See


One thought on “This is a Rant

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