Got Time to Waste? Read this post!

Does anyone else  like to hear the sound of typing on a keyboard? Or the sound heels make on hard wood?

I do. I love the sound of typing, especially when I’m doing it. It makes me feel like a secretary or an official unofficial spy from Sweden whose mission is to look super cool and type all fast and stuff.

And that is why I am typing right now…just to type. So if you’re looking for some insightful lesson about how to be the best you you can be please find another post because Imma about to waste some time.

Your time.

Because I have nothing to do right now- well I’m sure I should be doing something right now, but writing just feels more important. I guess since we’re all here I can write about myself…

Okay so I am a teenage girl who uh likes to do things. You can find me singing or staring off into space. Or both. I like to imagine things. Make up stories in my brain and consider what my life would be like if this or that happened.

Like what if I were a 17th century maiden, or a part-time mermaid, or a misunderstood girl with the power to destroy everything I touched.

The imaginary world is limitless. God is too. It’s hard to believe that, but I’ve seen miracles and He’s brought me too far not to believe you know?

So yeah, I like to make up stories. Sometimes I write them down. Other times I tell myself I’ll remember them and pray they don’t accidentally get deleted from my brain’s hard drive.

Fun Fact: In the seventh grade, I started a fan fiction. I don’t write on fan fiction anymore, but when I did I wrote a fan fic based off the the Hunger Games. It is really really poorly written (cause I was 12 when I wrote it), but I actually enjoyed re-reading it after six years.

I still write a little bit today, but I wish I could just finish at least one of the stories I started. I guess I technically finished that Hunger Games inspired fan fiction, but that was more like a short story, and it’s not like I wrote the actual Hunger Games.

But finding the inspiration is hard. I admire anyone who can start a book, finish it, and get it published.

I love reading. But I haven’t done that in while because of school and just regular busy things. But if someone’s got a story, I’d like to read it.

Fun Fact number 2: I am kind of scared to drive because I get distracted and bored very easily. So ya’ll pray for me cause I don’t want to take any medication for that.

Fun Fact number 3: I hate taking medicine. I know that’s terrible! But it’s true so ya’ll pray for me on that one too.

I don’t know if anyone has read this far, but if you have…wow. Thank you. God bless you and your family. You have always been my favorite anyway.

Alright I’m going to try to do something with my life *cough cough* watch Netflix *cough cough*

Adiós muchachos! And muchachas cause you know equality for all!

And here’s…

Image result for beautiful potato


4 thoughts on “Got Time to Waste? Read this post!

  1. OMG, I love the sound of typing too. It’s just great. So great. So great, in fact, that I don’t want to stop typing now. So thank you. Thank you for this post. It was really insightful, and you sound like a really awesome person. I’m not sure if you are more awesome than the sound of typing, but I’d say you’re pretty close. Okay, I might stop typing now. Thanks again for this super great post, and my time has been wasted but in a super duper way! 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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