Paradise is uncertain

Dreams are always planned.

Paper planes, wooden toy trains

Taken out of hand.

Wishes are fragile,

More are broken than mended.

Right and wrong will not get along

No matter how you bend it.

Paradise is uncertain

Dreams are never planned.

Hope to heal the hopeless

Written in the sand.

Image result for words written in the sand

So this was a poem that just came to me. Sometimes when I’m upset I just don’t talk, but I really felt the need to write something down and I didn’t want to make a blog ranting about my problems. This poem came to me instead. I was not the happiest person in the world when I wrote this (just moments ago). But now I feel better. I feel a lot better. So I am thankful to God for an outlet that let’s me express my innermost thoughts.

If you’re reading this, you are amazing and the best person ever. And here’s a potato…

Image result for potato funny

Love From Me,

Believe and See


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