Here’s To The Late-Night Bloggers

I don’t know how many late-night bloggers are out there. I guess I should do my research. Just add that to the gigantic list of things I should do. But yeah this post is for you.

Right now it is 1 am in the morning. So good morning y’all. I’m not sleeping because I have destroyed my sleeping schedule and only God can save me now. So, I guess you could say that my day is starting right now. And that also means that today is Saturday. Woo. Yes. The weekend is here. And what have I done all week? Boy, let me tell you…

Hardly anything.

It was awesome, but it was terrible at the same time. I hate doing nothing, but I just didn’t want to do anything. How lazy of me. I’ve got to get my life together because this summer is going past me faster than a bear in a unicycle speeding down the free-way.

Speaking of weird things, I saw someone driving a  go-cart down the highway once and that was incredible.

Also, since it’s one in the mornin’ don’t expect any of my analogies to make sense, because they won’t.

But it’s kind of nice being up this late. Although, I’ve never been too keen on staying up late or waking up early. It’s confusing really. I absolutely cannot stand sleeping in, but when you go to bed at 5 it’s hard to wake up at 8, especially when you don’t have to. So I’m going to have to figure something out about myself because this is getting out of control.

I’ve been thinking about making a vlog. Actually, I already do make vlogs I just don’t upload them to the world wide web. And that’s for many reasons.

For one, making videos is real. It can be a real job and you can become super successful off of it, or your channel can disappear among the hundreds of thousands of channels breaking from the surface every five seconds. But also, having a site where you share your life via video is a lot of work and requires dedication and drive and focus.

I’m also afraid that vlogging is becoming something that it’s not. It’s not necessarily as real as it gets. Of course, you do find vlogs from authentic people that want to share their life, but everyone gets so caught up in other people’s lives that they try to live their lives as perfectly as they think the vlogger’s life is. And that’s just unrealistic.

Today, I watched a video of a celebrity getting her makeup done by a famous makeup artist. (Just so y’all know, I’m not a big fan of wearing makeup but I do watch/ subscribe to beauty vloggers) I found the video enjoyable for the most part, but I could not stand the comments. There were so many women comparing themselves to the world’s version of beauty. They were wishing that they had eyes like her, or cheek bones like her, or skin like hers…the list goes on.

And it’s one thing to compliment someone on their beauty, but comparing yourself to them and wishing you looked like them or referring to yourself as ugly because you don’t fit the media’s standard of beauty is belittling to the spirit and I’m tired of the world telling people that if they don’t look a certain way then they aren’t beautiful.

So many people have spoken out about this topic, but the magazines are still being sold and videos are still being made.

Take this apple

Related image

Now take this orange.

Image result for orange fruit

Both are fruit, both are (for the most part) round, and both are (for the most part) edible.

But they taste so different. And they look different. They smell different. They are eaten differently (as you peel the outside layer of  the orange to get to the fruit, but you can straight up bite into an apple and the fruit is right there when you bite into it…no peeling needed).

But they are also both very tasty (if you’re into those two fruits. If not, pick two foods that you like and work with me here). And they are both good for ya body.

But, you don’t see the apple trying to turn itself into orange or vice versa.

People are different. We come in different shapes and sizes and colors. Yet we keep comparing apples to oranges. And sadly, I’ve been guilty of this too.

It boggles my mind that people have/ are dying because of the color of their skin. It frustrates me that people have the audacity to believe that they are better than someone else because their skin color, or their size, or their height, or their hair.

Oh my gosh, it does not matter.

I’m sorry, is your poop magical? Does your blood sparkle? When you sneeze do your germs become super hero vigilantes that save cats stuck in trees and help old ladies cross the street but are also dark and mysterious?

If yes, you should probably visit the doctor. But for pretty much everyone on earth the answer is no.

So what, the world offers a different variety of humans?  There’s a variety of fruits and no one is loosing their minds over that. Come on, y’all. Why do we have to make everything so complicated?

Wow, so this post took a turn didn’t it? I digress. I don’t even remember what I was actually going to blog about, but I think this post is long enough.

If you’re reading this, I want fruit.

And here’s a potato…

Image result for the best potato in the world

Love From Me,

Believe and See

P.S. it’s now 2 am and it took me an hour to write this because I kept looking up from my computer and staring off into space don’t ask me why.


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