I don’t know what this is. Hence the title. I’m still trying to figure out a concentration for my blogs, but I think as of right now I’m going to write whatever pleases me.

Being a blogger- a full-time, committed blogger- isn’t easy. And I don’t know If I want to make this a profession or anything. I just want to write.

There’s so much that I want to put out there, it’s all cluttered in my brain and I don’t know where to start. There are already so many bloggers out there, so how can I contribute? What can I do that’s different?

I have the theme of “Believe and See” and my goal is to inspire readers to believe in the impossible and have faith in things unseen. I don’t want to fight anyone or get into analytical arguments about how right I am. Because I’m not perfect and I don’t judge those who believe differently than I. I just want people to know what I’ve experienced and why I believe what I believe.

But right now, my blog feels kind of random. And I’m okay with that actually. Like I said, I just want to write and if better things come out of this, then so be it. I hope it does and I hope I can excel at this. I hope I can make great internet friends and connect with people who have their own life-stories and who want to make a difference anyway they can.

So what am I writing this for? I have no idea. I’m still working on growing followers, but I’d rather tone my writing before a mass amount of people read my work. I hope to get there some day though. And I am very thankful for those who have followed me already and read my posts already.

Much love to everyone,

Believe and See


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