Where I Left Off

The first post I made on this blog was about a supernatural experience I had in Florida two spring breaks ago. It was about the wonderful night my friend and I met a group of people, one of which happened to be a prophetess. I never finished the whole story though. I never described what … More Where I Left Off

The Hill

Year 2324 “I still don’t think this is a good idea.” “Think less, pedal more. We’re losing her!” Daniel ignored the asthmatic pants from his friend and pushed on. The hill was merciless but he wouldn’t stop. He had to know where the girl was going. Every day at precisely two o’clock she would ride … More The Hill

Where Are We Going?

The park is full of people. A brilliant sun tucks herself beneath the ground. Lights flicker until they turn on with a resilient electric fire. Cotton candy pours into the air, mixing with salty, buttery popcorn. Laughter leaves behind a fragrant emotion of purity and bliss. And he stands there. He is a smaller example … More Where Are We Going?


I don’t know what this is. Hence the title. I’m still trying to figure out a concentration for my blogs, but I think as of right now I’m going to write whatever pleases me. Being a blogger- a full-time, committed blogger- isn’t easy. And I don’t know If I want to make this a profession … More What

And We’re Back!

Wow, this feels weird…. Typing….on WordPress….for a blog… Hello, lovelies! I say, it has been a while- like what?- a few weeks? As much as I hate excuses I am going to make one right now. I was busy. Not like the hard-working, mother of five, who takes care of her kids during the day … More And We’re Back!